The vision of the Summer Olympics in Boston and our region shimmers before us. The Boston 2024 Organizing Committee, Inc. will explore in depth the feasibility of hosting the Summer Olympics. The feasibility study will be privately funded.  We will also assist the City and the Commonwealth in preparing a bid to the United States Olympic Committee if that is deemed appropriate. If Boston is chosen as the bid city for the United States, we will partner with the USOC in a bid process to be selected as the host city for the 2024 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games by the International Olympic Committee.


With the support of key civic and business leaders and people throughout the region we strongly believe we can win the bid to host the Games because Boston can best address the IOC’s key concerns about leaving a positive legacy. Boston is a city that is already accustomed to educating and healing the world and can provide an inspirational justification of why we can imaginatively and efficiently host the Games.


Boston is the perfect blend of history and modernism – offering rich cultural experiences and world-class technology, media, academics to those expected to attend. Our population reflects the make up of the world. We have residents from every nationality/ethnicity/language along with their vibrant food, arts, entertainment and culture.


The United States Olympic Committee has not yet established the process and schedule for selecting the next U.S. Bid City. Here is a brief timeline of the selection process:


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U.S. cities explore possibilities and form organizing committees.

USOC narrows candidates cities to 2-3. Decides to bid or not.

USOC selects 1 U.S. candidate city for IOC consideration.

IOC selects host city for the 2024 Summer Games.

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