Our Mission

Boston 2024 is here because of the alarming increase in crime rate at Boston. We are the voice of the public to ensure that we can do something to reduce unacceptable things that are happening in the city. Check out our mission and be a part of the leading organization that can help thousands of people, so they will not be a victim.

Reduce Crime

It is not impossible for us to drag the crime rate down. We just need to work together and know the things that can help us. If we are equipped with knowledge and necessary things we need to do, we can reduce the crime we are experiencing for around 25% or even more by the year 2024.

Crime Prevention

The best way to reduce crime is if we can prevent it to happen. We can never be too sure these days. We provide pieces of advice on how we can protect ourselves as well as the things that we can do to protect our homes.

Reducing crime is not easy, but all of us need to share the same goal if we want everything and everyone we care about safe from any harm from the people who are taking advantage of others.