The Best 3 Home Security Motion Sensors

Home security has become a very serious business. If you want to feel safe in your home to protect yourself, your family and your possessions then a motion sensor is a great accessory to have as part of your security setup.

Motion sensors are actually cheaper than a standard security system, they are powerful and sensitive enough to monitor threats from great distances. They can help issue warnings and they are easy to install.

If you live in an unsafe area or if you just need to put extra security measures, then a motion sensor is the ideal thing to have. There are several types that are available in all sizes and shapes that you can buy to secure your home. The following three always feature in motion detector reviews:

  1. First Alert PIR725

    This motion sensor is a well-built motion sensor that looks like a light socket. It has a durable and automated system that turn on and off when you enter or exit a room. It is easy to install. It senses movement in all directions. It works well in homes, is hands-free and very responsive for up to a 12-foot radius.

  2. Litom Super Bright Sensor

    Litom’s Super Bright motion sensor is a wireless solar powered motion sensor with 8 LED lights that illuminate very well. The Motion sensor has three intelligent modes for different needs. It is waterproof and you can install it outdoors without worrying about elements destroying it. It has a powerful 26-foot radius sensing capabilities.

  3. Beams MB360 sensor

    Mr. Beams’ motion sensor comes in a package with two motion-sensing spotlights. They are wireless and bright. The sensors can discriminate between day and night; they are waterproof, battery powered and really bright. Mr. Beams MB360 covers 350 square feet.

These three motion sensors are the best three on the market. They share the same characteristics and have powerful far-reaching sensing capabilities.