We already have global recognition as a leading cultural, sports, educational, medical and business center.  We are also home to corporations that are active in supporting sports culture such as John Hancock, Liberty Mutual, Fidelity and Gillette.


•    With its scale and its necklace of green, Boston truly could be a walking Olympics.


•    Our heavy density of world class facilities within the community and at our 53 local colleges and universities gives us

      a physical advantage over any other city in the world.


•    Our completed infrastructure investment in the Big Dig and Logan Airport along with the planned enhancements to

      the MBTA give us a transportation base that can easily handle Olympic transportation requirements.


•   Boston encompasses the history of the nation. It has been an intellectual beacon to the world and represents much

     of the best of what America has stood for and accomplished.


•   Finally, Boston has proven that in moments of crisis we unite as one community behind our leaders, demonstrating

     a discipline and civic pride that can overcome all obstacles.

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